Level 1—The Healing Arts of Emei Qigong

The Level 1 seminar is a good place to start learning how to balance body, mind, and spirit. Students can use this knowledge for their own healing or for their healing professions. Read on to find out who should attend Level 1 and if its right for you. 


What youll learn

In the Level 1 seminar, you will learn six methods for healing one’s self and healing othersas well as the theory underpinning those methods. The course includes ample practice time, so students will have the confidence to use the methods at the end of the three days. In addition, a optional group healing is offered in conjunction with the seminar.  

The following is a rough outline of the three-day seminar:

  • Instruction in the Wuji Gong form, the primary form of Emei Qigong; each day will begin with the 45-minute practice
  • Six secrets of healing
  • Empowered Objects, theory and use
  • Empowered Objects Sitting Meditation
  • The Healing Sounds of Emei Qigong
  • Five causes of illness
  • Understanding the energy field of the human body
  • The Method to Transfer and Clear 
  • How disease qi exits the body and Universal Qi enters
  • When and where to practice
  • Qi transmission healing methods
  • Universal Mantra Qi Transmission healing 

Some teachers offer Level 1 in a four-day format. Additional topics include:

  • Understanding Taiji
  • A layman’s view of karma
  • How to sustain happiness

Who should attend

  • If you’re ill, you will learn effective methods to help you to regain your health.
  • If you’re simply curious, you’ll have an interesting few days that may change your life. 
  • If you’re a serious student who has been searching for the right school to follow: You have found what you are looking for.


Practical matters

The seminar fee is deliberately kept low (the total works out to less than $100 a day) so that everyone who is interested may attend. The optional group healing is $30; you dont have to be taking the seminar to come to the healing, so please invite your friends and family to join you!