Healing arts of Emei Qigong

Here is an overview of the some of the healing methods taught in Emei Qigong. The first several are taught in the Level 1 seminar and provide students with a suite of methods to address a variety of circumstances. The last three methods mentioned here are taught in other seminars. 



Wuji Gong

The Wuji Gong form is the cornerstone of an Emei Qigong practice. It is deceptively simple, but its power is in inverse proportion to its simplicity. This self-healing method dissipates disease, protects health, and extends lifespan. By practicing Wuji Gong, not only can we increase the amount of qi we release, but we can also absorb and take in the qi information that all things—including celestial bodies and the Earth—are constantly releasing. The practitioner develops wisdom and cultivates and manifests innate but latent abilities. 

How to practice Wuji Gong correctly is taught in the Level 1 seminar, The Healing Arts of Emei Qigong; each day of the seminar starts with the 45-minute form. A CD and DVD of the practice make it easy to practice on your own.



Healing Sounds

Emei Qigong’s Sacred Healing Sounds harmonize the vibrations of your internal organs. Everyone, whether healthy and sick, can benefit from practicing them. They are a convenient self-healing method for those who feel they don’t have time to practice—a short set can be done in just a few minutes, or you can practice them while driving. 

This method is taught in the Level 1 seminar. A CD of Grandmaster Fu chanting the Healing Sounds is available.


Empowered Objects

The Empowered Objects of Emei Qigong have gone through a 49-day process that infuses them with some 5,000 healing symbols and mantras. In addition to emitting positive qi, they absorb and neutralize negative qi. A variety of objects are available, from a simple wrist mala to a four-inch diameter jade disc. They are powerful tools that can be used to dispel illness and exorcise evil; eliminate or reduce pain, inflammation, and stasis; circulate blood and energy; adjust Feng Shui; increase wisdom; and more. 

How to use the Empowered Objects for self-healing and healing others is taught in the Level 1 seminar. Empowered Objects are available for sale from many of the teachers listed in the Teachers section of this website. 


Universal Mantra Qi Transmission

A words of a mantra are not its essence; a mantra is coded language that communicates and mobilizes the universal energy. A mantra is the true language of the universe. The Universal Mantra taught in the Emei Qigong system has powerful protective and healing qualities. It can be used for self-healing, and can also be used in conjunction with Emei’s qi transmission techniques to create a method for healing others that has many advantages for the healer as well as the person receiving the healing.  

The Universal Mantra and the Universal Mantra Qi Transmission technique are taught in the Level 1 seminar. 


Method to Transfer and Clear

This potent self-healing method can be used to address physiological illness, emotional upheavals and psychological illnesses, and illnesses that have a karmic root or whose root cannot be determined. It does not merely reduce symptoms and suppress an illness temporarily. It eradicates illness at its energetic root and transfers it to an Empowered Object, which neutralizes the diseased energy information. 

This method is taught in the Level 1 seminar. 



Meta Qi–Zhen

This adaptable method can be used for self-healing or healing others, either one on one or with a group. With a group, there is no limit on the number of people who can be treated at once. Meta Qi–Zhen is also suitable for remote healing, and it’s a very effective treatment to use with animals. By combining Qigong methods with acupuncture theory, it maximizes the advantages of both methods. 

Basic Meta Qi–Zhen is taught in Level 2 seminar, Changing the Moving Program of Life, with advanced techniques taught in Levels 3 and 4.  



Chan YiJing Healing

The Chan YiJing healing method unlocks the secrets of how energetic information is stored in the body. By understanding these patterns, the Emei Qigong practitioner can help clients discover the energetic root cause of an ailment and guide them in methods that will release that energy. When that energy is cleared, the energetic balance of the body can be restored, which will in turn improve or restore physical health and emotional  well-being. 

This healing method is taught in the Level 3 seminar, Chan YiJing Healing: Clearing the Energetic Root Cause of Disease.



BiGu: Emei Qigong Grain-Free Fasting

Bi means “no” and Gu means “grains,” but this practice is much more than a no-grain diet—it is an elevated meditation with five different levels of fasting, supported by different energetic practices. It is completely natural and individualized. BiGu fasting hibernates the functions of the stomach and activates other systems to nourish the body. Students also learn methods to determine if someone has a hot or cold constitution, and how to select foods appropriate to each type. 

BiGu fasting is taught in a one- or two-day seminar. See the Teachers page of this website and contact a teacher near you if you are interested in attending a BiGu seminar.