Level 2—Changing the Moving Program of Life

The Moving Program of Life is a concept that encompasses life and movement. These two aspects, life and movement, form the program. “Life” refers to the quality of life, which derives from the pre-birth Five Elements; “movement,” which comes from the post-birth Five Elements, refers to the quantity of motion and change that occurs in every life. The key to the Level 2 Emei Qigong practice is understanding that by increasing or decreasing the quantity of movement in a person’s life—and thereby changing the moving program—it is possible change the quality of that persons life. Once a person has changed his or her moving program of life for the better, everything will flow in a more positive direction.


How to change the Moving Program of Life

Changing the Moving Program of Life begins with cultivating the heart, a practice taught in Level 1, and transforming the Five Elements energy of a person—the subject of the Level 2 seminar. This transformation of the Five Elements energy comes through practicing a 72-day meditation in the season of your balancing element for three years in a row. The balancing element is that element that best corrects the imbalances of your Four Pillars chart. 

The six-day seminar is taught in two three-day sessions. The first three days cover instruction in:

  • Five Element theory
  • How to practice the meditation for Changing the Moving Program of Life
  • Four Pillars Feng Shui
  • Analyzing two individuals’ Four Pillars charts to assess compatibility

The second three days include:

  • How to analyze a Four Pillars chart and determine its balancing element
  • Instruction in the Meta–Qi Zhen healing method, an excellent technique for remote healing
  • Emei empowerment to Open Heaven’s Door and Close Earth’s Gate

The Moving Program of Life is like a driver that has been steering your body and heart on a long journey. The road that’s passing may be very familiar to you, or it may be one that you do not know. Sometimes, as when you come upon a familiar stretch from a different direction, even a place that you know well can confuse you. And what lies ahead—smooth or steep, straight or curved—is unknown to you.

After the Five Elements energy of the Moving Program of Life is transformed, the moving program becomes like a car driving straight on a flat road. The heart does the steering now and carries the body along with it, heading toward a bright future.

We must be the masters of the Moving Program of Life and gain freedom in the journey of our lives.

Practical matters

Unlike Level 1, which alternates between lecture and time to practice the healing methods being taught, the Level 2 seminar is primarily a lecture format. 

The six-day seminar is $899; the cost for taking the first three days only is $500. The first three days are a prerequisite for the second three days.