Level 3—Chan Yi–Jing Healing

Bai Yun, or White Cloud, the founder of Emei Qigong, was a Daoist who became a Buddhist monk. This is why Emei Qigong has both Daoist and Buddhist elements. In Buddhism, everything comes from the heart. Your emotions and mind intention spring from the heart; different mind intentions lead to different thoughts and concepts; different thoughts create different behaviors; different behaviors lead to different habits; different habits make for different natures; from different natures come different destinies. A terrible life, therefore, comes from the heart. So does a good life. Level 3 focuses finding the root cause of illnesses that come from the heart and healing them.

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Clearing the energetic root cause of disease

Chan–Yi Jing Healing recognizes that everyone has his or her own destiny. That destiny is a manifestation of the person’s karma. Getting sick may be someone’s destiny. But if you know a person’s destiny, you also know his or her nature; from the person’s nature, you can work back and determine mind intention. If a person’s mind intention changes, then so, too, do that person's thoughts and concepts, their behaviors, habits, and nature, and their destiny. 

When we understand the rules for how energy information is stored in the body, then we can read a person’s symptoms and know where the energy needs to be released. Once the energy is cleared from that location, it no longer acts like a magnet. A person’s symptoms and sensations are a manifestation of the stored energy information taking its toll on the body. The Level 3 seminar, Chan–Yi Jing Healing: Clearing the Energetic Root Cause of Disease, will teach you how to locate the stored information and how to forgive and forget, thereby transferring the energy information out of the body.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Counter the perception and comprehension of various reactions to people, events, and things
  • Use empowered objects to remove residual energy information

Used together, these two primary methods eliminate the energetic root cause of problems that arise from discord between heart energy and the Wuji Qi.

Emotions and mind intention cause disease. Emotions and mind intention are also the source of healing. 

Practical matters

The fee for this 10-day seminar is $2,400. It is open to students who have taken the Level 1 seminar and the full Level 2 seminar.