Level 4—Teacher Training

As Level 1 students learn, in healing yourself, you heal others—and in healing others, you heal yourself. Becoming a teacher of Emei Qigong deepens this experience. A teacher of Emei Qigong is a connector, inheriting and implementing the wisdom of centuries of practice and also assuming the responsibility of guiding other cultivators. Those who wish to become teachers of Emei Qigong must be committed to cultivation and practice. Cultivation has internal and external aspects, encompassing the cleansing of the heart and being kind in your interactions with others. Practice involves using Emei Qigong methods for self-healing and healing others, including Wuji Gong, Healing Sounds, Universal Mantra Qi Transmission healing, Meta–Qi Zhen healing, and other methods and techniques.


Learn to teach the Level 1 Seminar

Level 4 students must not only demonstrate a thorough understanding of the theories, methods, and healing techniques of Levels 1, 2, and 3, they must also be using practicing those methods and techniques. In addition, they must be willing to hold seminars.

The process of becoming a teacher is not done when the Level 4 seminar is finished. Students are recognized as teachers only after they have held a Level 1 seminar.

The syllabus for Level 4 includes:

  • Detailed instruction in the Wuji Gong postures
  • Mastering the theories and applied techniques of Levels 1, 2, and 3
  • Learning additional rules to analyze and find the energetic root cause of disease 
  • Training in methods for emphasizing the focus of the lecture as well as good lecturing skills 
  • Training in how to conduct a group healing 

Teachers have a higher level of consciousness and awareness. They understand that when things they don’t like are happening to them or right in front of them, it’s a manifestation of their karma, the energetic consequence of their own past actions. This gives them the courage to be compassionate and accepting. 

“Understanding will make the wind still and the waves calm. Generosity will make the ocean smooth and the sky clear.”

Practical matters 

The Level 4 seminar is 25 days, the longest training of the series. The course is usually held in China, and the cost is $5,000 (not including travel costs).