What makes Emei Qigong special?

Emei Qigong differs from most other Qigong systems in several ways. The other two major orthodox Qigong systems in Chinathe Shaolin and the Wudang—emphasize the martial arts, while Emei Qigong focuses on cultivating Qi (energy) for healing and on cleansing the heart. This allows the pracititioner’s true nature and latent abilities to emerge.


An unbroken lineage

Emei Qigong is an original and comprehensive system of Chan (Zen) Qigong practiced for the purpose of generating vital energy and attaining higher levels of mental and spiritual clarity. Emei teaches you how to easily and safely build your Qi reserves without taking Qi from other living things or the universe. 

It has several qualities that make its methods especially potent: 

  • The school enjoys an unbroken lineage. In the more than 750 years since the school’s founding, its entire body of knowledge has been transmitted directly from lineage holder to lineage holder. These men possessed uncommon abilities and maintained the purity of the practices while enriching and deepening them.
  • Emei Qigong focuses on cultivating Qi for healing.
  • Millions of people have benefitted from the Emei teachings, creating a powerful group energy field that can accelerate healing and spiritual advancement.
  • Everyone learning its methods today is studying directly with Grandmaster Fu or with someone who studied under him.
  • Emei methods protect the practitioner from absorbing negative energy from people or things while conserving and protecting the Qi of other living things.
  • Emei Qigong teaches both theory and technique, marrying a heart-centered philosophy with methods that clear the stored negative energy from past issues. This deep practice transforms a person’s destiny.  

Because of these qualities, many healing arts professionals—medical practitioners, acupuncturists, physical therapists, massage therapists, counselors—are incorporating Emei Qigong protection and healing techniques into their regular modalities. 

But it is not a practice just for those in the healing arts. Anyone and everyone can benefit from its simple but powerful methods. 

Emei Qigong can easily become a way of life that leads to greater compassion, wisdom, and personal power. Through the internal heart-mind work and moving energy, you can clear the past and fully refresh and open the heart.

Once the heart is open, enlightenment and peace can become a reality.