Level 4 Teacher Training
to Aug 23

Level 4 Teacher Training

  • Connecticut United States (map)
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The Level 4 teacher training, open to dedicated students of Emei Qigong who have completed Levels 1, 2, and 3, prepares them to teach the Level 1 “Healing Arts of Emei Qigong” seminar. After completing the Level 1 teacher training seminar, students who wish to teach Level 1 will continue their training at two Level 1 seminars; one of these under the direction of a certified teacher and one independently. After students complete this training successfully, they will be recognized as certified Level 1 teachers. 

Cost: $5,000 (U.S.) 

Location: Connecticut (exact location to be determined)

For more information, please contact Master Pat Bolger

email :: PBolger@EmeiQigongChange.com

mobile :: 203-500-6492

website :: emeiqigongchan.com

Facebook :: facebook.com/EmeiQigongChan


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BiGu and Food Therapy
to Dec 11

BiGu and Food Therapy

In the two-day BiGu and two-day Food Therapy seminars, students will learn how to understand and use the energetic properties of food to promote healing. 

BiGu, grain-free fasting,” is a high-level Qigong cultivation and training method that has a wide range of positive effects, including facilitating healing and prevents disease; cleansing the internal organs; normalizing weight; removing toxins and harmful substances from the body; and increasing mental clarity and spiritual awareness. The seminar will include one day of instruction and one day of practice. Cost: $350 (U.S.)

The two-day Food Therapy seminar will include one day of theory and one day learning food formulas for addressing specific conditions. Cost: $450 (U.S.) 

Location: İTÜ University Campus Social Facilities, Maçka, İstanbul

For more information, please email EmeiQigongTr@gmail.com 


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Emei Qigong Acupressure (Tian Gang Zhi Xue Fa)
to Nov 5

Emei Qigong Acupressure (Tian Gang Zhi Xue Fa)

  • 8 Park Avenue Arlington, MA 02474 United States (map)
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In this four-day seminar, Grandmaster Fu will provide instruction in the Emei Qigong finger-pointing method. Open to all interested students. 

Location: 8 Park Avenue, Arlington, Massachusetts

Time: 9:00 - 5:00pm

Cost: $1,000

Additional: Bring a massage table if possible. Yoga mats will be available. 

For more information, email lewisla7@gmail.com

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Advanced Teacher Training
to Nov 1

Advanced Teacher Training

  • 173 North Prospect Street Burlington, VT 05401 United States (map)
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This eight-day seminar, open to those who have completed the Level 4 teacher training, will provide instruction in reading a person's character based on their body type. Grandmaster Fu will also teach the Emei Qigong Big and Small forms. 

Location: Burlington Friends, 173 North Prospect Street, Burlington, Vermont

Hours: 9-5:30, Oct. 25-31; 9-1:30 Nov. 1

Cost: $2,000

For more information, email EmeiQigong.AC@gmail.com


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